🤖Bulk Conversion Overview

Blinks.to offers three user-friendly methods for bulk URL shortening, complemented by its robust API. Navigate to the 'Bulk Convert' section through the sidebar to access the bulk conversion page.

1. Data Grid Copy/Paste:

Ideal for small batches of up to 25 links, this method is the simplest. Copy your links in a spreadsheet-style data grid and convert. Customize aliases and titles if needed; otherwise, the app defaults. The URL shortening uses the preferred domain set in 'Settings' within 'My Account.'

2/3 Bulk Excel & CSV formats:

  • Perfect for handling up to 100 links, exceeding which we recommend using the API. Unlike the data grid, Excel and CSV formats offer more customization options. While the URL field is mandatory, others like alias, title, domain, and UTM parameters are optional.

  • To convert using file formats, download the provided template, fill in the required fields, upload the file, and convert. It's that simple.

Note: Excel and CSV formats are suitable for numbers beyond 100, but robust error handling is crucial. In case of errors, you may need to fix and repeat the process. API offers detailed error handling for various scenarios, such as wrong domains or existing aliases, making it a more efficient choice

  • Convenient help is available in all formats. Expand the 'Need a Hand?' button to find descriptive information on using this feature.

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