🈁QR Codes

The QR Codes feature enhances the functionality of the Links page by offering a specialized view that filters and displays only those URLs associated with QR codes. This dedicated page is designed to streamline your access to QR-related content, ensuring a more efficient management experience.

Intuitive Access:

  • The QR Codes page operates under the same principles as the Links page, but with a focus on URLs that have been assigned QR codes. This selective display simplifies the task of managing your QR-coded URLs.

Comprehensive Sorting and Filtering:

  • Consistent User Interface: Just like on the Links page, you can sort your QR-coded URLs using a variety of criteria, ensuring you can quickly find the most relevant codes.

  • Sorting Options: Arrange your QR codes by date or by the number of total clicks in either ascending or descending order, with the default setting showcasing the most recently created codes first.

  • Filtering Capabilities: Use the filter options to display your QR-coded URLs by your favorites, show hidden links, or view all. The page also allows filtering by specific campaigns, making it effortless to categorize and locate your QR codes within the context of your marketing efforts.

By utilizing the QR Codes page, you can efficiently organise and access your QR-linked URLs, fostering a productive workflow for managing your digital assets. Whether for print materials, event signage, or digital platforms, the ability to quickly reference and edit your QR codes ensures they remain an effective tool in your marketing and outreach toolkit.

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