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Getting Started

How do I shorten a URL?

To shorten a URL, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Blinks.to account.

  • Navigate to the Dashboard. 'Shorten URL' section.

  • Enter the URL you wish to shorten in the designated field.

  • Click 'Shorten', and your new compact URL is ready to use!

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What is a URL collection, and how do I add URLs to one?

A URL collection is a way to group related URLs for tracking and analysis. To add a URL to a collection:

  • Shorten your URL or go to an existing shortened URL.

  • Click on the 'Edit' button or select the URL and choose 'Add to Collection' from the bulk action options.

  • Select an existing collection or create a new one.

  • Save your changes, and the URL will be part of the selected collection.

Bulk Edit Urls

URL Management

Can I edit a shortened URL after creating it?

Yes, you can edit the destination of a shortened URL as long as the shortened link has not received any clicks. To edit, go to the URL's component, click the 'Edit' button, make your changes, and save.

Customising your url

How do I track the performance of my shortened URLs?

Tracking is done through the URL analytics feature. Click on the 'Analytics' icon next to the URL you wish to track to view detailed statistics including clicks, geographic data, referring platforms, and more.

Analytics Overview

Collections and Grouping

How can I create a new collection?

To create a new collection, navigate to the 'Collections' section and click on 'Add Collection'. Enter the collection name and choose a color label. After filling in the details, click 'Create Collection'.

Create/Edit Collection

How do I edit or delete a collection?

Find the collection you want to edit in the 'Collections' section. Click on the 'Edit' icon to rename or change the color. To delete, click the 'Delete' icon. Confirm your action in the popup modal.

Analytics and Reporting

What analytics are available for my URLs and collections?

Blinks.to provides a range of analytics, including:

  1. Url level analytics

  2. Collection level analytics

  3. Aggreate analytics

  • Total clicks and click trends over time - Aggreate and url specific

  • Geographic distribution of clicks by country and city.

  • Platform analysis, such as operating systems and browsers used.

  • Referral sources, including social media platforms.

  • Collection-specific aggregate stats.

Analytics Overview

Can I export the analytics data for reporting?

Yes, you can export analytics data from the analytics dashboard. Select the timeframe and data points you're interested in and use the 'Export as PNG' option for graphs or 'Export Data' for a CSV file.

Account and Settings

How do I change the number of URLs displayed per page?

Go to your user profile settings, where you'll find the option to set the preferred number of URLs per page. You can customise this setting to suit your convenience.

How can I reset my password if I forget it?

If you've forgotten your password, click on the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. Enter your email address, and you'll receive instructions to reset your password.

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