🍱Bulk Edit Urls

Guide to Bulk Editing Shortened URLs

Our platform offers a robust bulk editing feature, providing an efficient way to manage multiple shortened URLs simultaneously. This tool is especially useful for applying quick changes to a series of links without the need to edit each one individually.

Available Bulk Actions:

  • Collection Reassignment: Easily move selected URLs to a different collection.

  • Bookmark Management: Swiftly bookmark multiple links for easier access or remove them from your bookmarks.

  • Deletion: Remove multiple URLs in one action, streamlining the management of outdated or unnecessary links.

Initiating Bulk Edit:

  1. To begin bulk editing, locate and select the checkbox in the bottom right corner of any URL component.

  2. Upon selection, a bulk edit toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Highlighted links with a light orange tint and a darker orange border indicate selected URLs, checkboxes will be marked accordingly.

  4. For broader selections, use the "Select All" function within the bulk edit toolbar to capture all visible URLs on the page.

Performing Bulk Actions:

  • Assigning a New Collection:

    • After selecting the desired URLs, click on the 'Collection' button on the bulk edit toolbar.

    • A dialog will surface, displaying your available collections.

    • Choose the collection you wish to assign to your selected URLs and confirm by clicking 'Update Collection'.

  • Bookmarking:

    • Select the URLs and click on the 'Bookmark' option in the toolbar.

    • The bookmark status will toggle en masse: URLs not previously bookmarked will be bookmarked, and those that were bookmarked will be removed from bookmarks.

  • Deleting URLs:

    • Select the desired URLs and press 'Delete' on the bulk edit toolbar.

    • A confirmation dialog will prompt you to verify the deletion. Be aware that confirming this action will permanently erase the selected URLs and their associated analytics data.

Bulk editing actions are irreversible and will affect all selected URLs. Please use this feature with consideration to prevent any accidental loss of data.

By utilising the bulk edit functionality, you can save time and effort, making your URL management process both swift and more effective.

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