🇲đŸ‡ŦAggregate Analytics

Aggregate Analytics presents a holistic view of your URL performance metrics, giving you insights into the cumulative impact of your shortened links. The data is compiled from all your URLs over their entire lifespan, affording you a strategic overview of your digital reach.

Aggregate Analytics Features:

Dashboard Overview:

The top section mirrors the main dashboard, offering familiarity and continuity in the user experience.

a. Key Metrics Snapshot:

  • First Row: This area highlights the total count of your URLs, the collective number of clicks they've garnered, additions to your URL list this month, and the total clicks accumulated in the current month.

b. Click Trends Analysis:

  • Second Row: Here, you'll find a bar graph that illustrates the pattern of daily clicks your URLs receive. This graphical representation comes with the flexibility of adjusting the time frame to better suit your analytical needs. You also have the ability to download this graph as a PNG image for reporting or archival purposes.

Top Performers Lists:

  • URL Rankings: A side-by-side comparative table displays your top 10 URLs. On the left, each URL title is listed, while the right side shows the corresponding total clicks.

    • Clicking on a URL title redirects to its destination.

    • Clicking on the total clicks leads to detailed analytics for that specific URL

Geographic and Platform Insights:

  • Cumulative Graphs: Delve into a series of graphs that outline the top 10 performing metrics, with additional data grouped under 'remaining' for comprehensive insights.

    • Geographical Reach: View the top countries and cities where your content resonates the most.

    • Platform Usage: Understand user preferences through the top operating systems and social media platforms driving traffic to your links.

    • Browser Breakdown: Identify which web browsers are most used by your audience.

    • Referral Sources: Discover the top referring sources that lead users to your content.

Time Zone Consideration:

Consistency in Reporting: All data is presented in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to maintain consistency across various geographic locations.

By leveraging Aggregate Analytics, you gain access to valuable data that supports strategic decision-making and optimization of your digital marketing efforts. These insights enable you to fine-tune your outreach and content distribution strategies for maximum engagement.

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