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Transforming your long and unwieldy URLs into short, manageable links is simple with blinks.to

In this section, we will guide you through the process of shortening URLs, customizing them, and sharing them with your audience.

Effortless Url Shortening

Shortening URLs in Blinks.to is a breeze, and we'll start with the Quick Convert Widget, a simple and efficient method accessible from every page within the app.

Quick Convert Widget

How to Use the Quick Convert Widget:

  1. Enter your long url: Paste the long URL you wish to shorten into the centre input field.

  1. Click "Shorten": Initiate the shortening process by clicking the "Shorten" button. Our system will swiftly generate a concise link for you.

  2. Your Shortened URL: Once processed, your shortened URL will instantly appear on the widget. Simply click the copy button to copy the URL and start sharing your content.

Post-Shortening Navigation in Blinks.to:

Upon utilizing the Quick Convert Widget to shorten a URL, the behavior varies based on the page you are currently on:

  • Dashboard, Analytics, Links, and QR Codes Pages:

    • The URL component seamlessly integrates into the list of URLs on these pages.

    • This integration allows you to effortlessly customize titles and aliases using the URL component.

  • Other Pages:

    • The Quick Convert Widget remains self-contained and doesn't impact any other part of the page.

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