💲Billing & Usage

"Under 'Billing and Usage' in 'My Account,' you can find detailed information about your current plan and its associated limits.

Current Plan Details: For instance, under the Free Plan, you can view details such as the number of short URLs, QR codes, and collections you can create per month, along with allowances for alias edits and redirects. Additional plan features, like the UTM builder, three months of clicks data, and bulk converter options, are also outlined.

Features not included in the current plan, such as API access, branded domains, and A/B testing, are clearly indicated. Each paid plan provides a breakdown of its features, limits, and what is not covered in the current plan.

Monthly Usage: This section tracks your current usage for the ongoing plan period. For example, under the Free Plan, you can see how many short URLs you've converted in the current month and how many are available until the month's end.

Each plan renews at the end of its designated period, and the limits are reset accordingly. The free plan, in particular, is reset monthly."

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