๐Ÿ”—Anatomy of a blinks.to url

Understanding the Anatomy of a Shortened URL

Upon transforming your URLs using http://blinks.to, each shortened link is presented with a consistent structure of components across the app. This setup ensures straightforward viewing and convenient editing options for users. In this segment, we delve into the various components of a shortened URL, elucidating on editable features and additional information provided for a seamless customization and editing experience.

1. Page Title:

Initially sourced from the web pageโ€™s title of the long URL youโ€™ve input for conversion. In instances where this information isn't retrievable, a placeholder title โ€œUntitled + [todayโ€™s date and time]โ€ is generated, awaiting your future edits.

2. Alias or Backref:

The unique and randomly generated segment of your shortened URL by blinksto. This is the segment you share with your audience, facilitating performance tracking.

3. Long URL:

The original, extensive URL that you submitted for shortening.

4. Creation Date:

Timestamp indicating when the shortened URL was generated.

5. Collection:

This represents a flexible method to organize URLs based on specific needs, ranging from strategic to tactical promotions. For instance, URLs related to Amazon Prime Day could be grouped under a โ€˜Prime Dayโ€™ campaign, enabling you to track collective analytics in addition to individual URL performance.

Note that each URL can only be affiliated with a single collection.

6. Bulk Edit Checkbox:

Streamline the editing process by selecting multiple URLs for bulk actions such as assigning to a collection, deleting, or bookmarking.

7. URL Analytics:

Displays the total click count for the URL. Clicking on this will redirect you to a detailed analytics page for the specific URL.

8. URL Edit Panel:

Offers a suite of editing functionalities:

  • Copy: Quickly copy the shortened URL for sharing.

  • Edit URL: Redirect to the editing page for comprehensive modifications.

  • View Analytics: Equivalent to clicking on the analytics button mentioned above.

  • Bookmark: Mark the URL as a favorite for expedited access in the future.

  • QR Code: Generate a QR code corresponding to the URL.

  • Delete: Remove the URL from your database.

9. Favicon:

A visual icon sourced from the original URLโ€™s webpage. In its absence, a generic globe icon is utilized.

Through understanding the intricate components and functionalities associated with your shortened URLs, you are now equipped to fully leverage the editing and customisation capabilities of blinks.to, ensuring a tailored and efficient experience.

10. Collection Color:

Organize URLs with Collections:

Enhance control, analytics, and tracking by grouping URLs into collections. When using the Quick Convert Widget, each URL automatically becomes part of the default collection, distinguished by a beige color. This color-coded identifier is conveniently displayed on the right of the URL component.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to create custom collections and assign distinct colors, providing visual cues for easy identification.

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