📊Analytics Overview

Our platform offers a robust suite of analytics tools designed to give you a deep dive into the performance metrics of your URLs and collections. Here's a detailed look at the various analytics available across the app:

URL Analytics

Each shortened URL comes with a rich set of data to help you track its performance over time.


  • Click Tracking: Monitor the number of clicks over various timeframes to understand traffic patterns.

  • Geographic Data: See where your clicks are coming from with location-based tracking, down to the country and city level.

  • Referrer Information: Identify which platforms are driving traffic to your URLs, be it direct, social media, or other websites.

  • Device Insights: Understand the devices used by your audience, with breakdowns by operating systems and browsers.

  • Engagement Over Time: View click trends over specified periods to gauge user engagement.

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📈Url Analytics

Collection Analytics

When you group URLs into a collection, you get aggregated analytics that combine data from all the URLs within that collection.


  • Cumulative Clicks: Get the total click count across all collection URLs.

  • Performance Graphs: Visualize click trends on a graph for the entire collection.

  • Top Performing URLs: Identify which URLs within the collection are garnering the most attention.

  • Collection Reach: Look at the geographic spread and the digital platforms that are most effective for your collection.

  • Engagement Metrics: Analyze user engagement with insights on clicks, device usage, and referral sources for the entire collection.

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📈Collection Detail - Analytics

Aggregate Analytics

Get a bird's-eye view of all your URL activities with aggregate analytics, which compile data across all your shortened links.


  • Dashboard Overview: See critical metrics at a glance, such as total URLs and clicks, as well as monthly additions and trends.

  • Click Distribution: Examine daily click activities through an interactive bar chart, with options for different time periods and exporting data.

  • Top URLs: Discover your most clicked URLs both over the lifetime and within the current month.

  • Comprehensive Graphs: Explore in-depth graphs for the top categories such as countries, cities, platforms, and more, to gain insights into your audience.

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🇲đŸ‡ŦAggregate Analytics

Each analytics section is crafted to deliver insights that can inform your decision-making and strategy. By understanding your audience's behaviors and preferences, you can tailor your online presence to better engage with your target demographic.

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