📈Url Analytics

Our URL analytics at Blinks.to are designed to provide detailed insights into your link performance, helping you to not only measure but also improve the effectiveness of your URLs. Whether you're accessing analytics from the links section, dashboard, search results, or any other part of the app, the URL component facilitates seamless navigation to your desired analytics page.

Accessing the analytics for a specific URL can be done in two simple ways:

  1. Click on the total click count displayed on the top right corner of the URL component.

  1. Use the view analytics icon located on the top tool panel of the URL component.

Understanding the URL Analytics Page

The URL analytics page is intuitively organised into distinct sections for ease of understanding and analysis:

  • URL Title and Snapshot: At the top, the title of the URL is displayed prominently, followed by the URL component providing a quick overview of the link's key metrics.

  • Click Trends: The main dashboard mirrors the click trends, offering a filterable day-wise breakdown of clicks. You can refine this data using time filters such as:

    • Last 7 days

    • Last 14 days

    • Current month

    • Last month

    • Last 30 days

    • Last 60 days

    • Last 90 days (paid plan)

    • Last 6 months

    • Last 1 year (paid plan)

    • Last 2 years (paid plan)

  • Graphical Insights (For aggreate data from date of creation till today)

    • Top Countries: A pie chart illustrating the geographical distribution of clicks.

    • Top Cities: A bar chart revealing the urban centers driving the most traffic.

    • Geo Clicks: Explore click data organized by geographic areas through an interactive global map

    • Top Devices: A pie chart displaying the breakdown of desktop vs. mobile and tablets.

    • Top Platforms: A pie char displaying breakdown of different operating systems from windows, mac os, Android, IOS etc.

    • Top Socials: A bar chart that shows which social media platforms are generating clicks.

    • Top Browsers: A bar chart categorizing the most popular browsers among your audience.

All data is presented in the UTC timezone to maintain consistency across various geographical locations.

By leveraging these analytics, you can make informed decisions about optimizing your links for higher engagement and reach. The visual data representations not only simplify the analysis but also make it more accessible for users of all expertise levels.

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