📈Collection Detail - Urls

Collection Detail Pages: A Closer Look

Within our platform, each collection is endowed with a comprehensive suite of details and analytics. There are two distinct sections to explore for each collection:

URL Detail Page:

This page presents a holistic view of your collection's URLs. Here's what to expect and how to navigate:

  • Accessing URL Details: To visit the URL detail page for a specific collection, click on the 'View URLs' icon located on the bottom tool panel of the collection component on the main collections page.

  • Functionality: Once there, you'll see the collection component at the top, followed by all associated URLs listed as individual URL components. You have the flexibility to edit these URLs, remove them from the collection, or perform other typical URL management tasks.

Managing URLs Within a Collections: If you need to disassociate URLs from the current collection:

  • Select and Modify: Similar to the bulk edit function, select the desired URLs and click on the 'Collection' button on the bottom tool panel. Choose a different collection name or select 'Default' to dissociate the URLs from the current collection.

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