📈Collection Detail - Analytics

Collection Analytics:

Diving into the analytics, this section provides you with aggregate data that encapsulates the performance of your collection.

  • Accessing Analytics: To view the analytics for a collection, select the 'View Analytics' icon from the bottom tool panel of the collection component.

  • Insights Offered: The analytics detail page showcases the collection's comprehensive statistics, including data on top countries, cities, operating systems, social platforms, browsers, and referrers.

Seamless Navigation: For ease of use, you can swiftly toggle between the URL detail view and the analytics view:

  • Switching Views: At the top of the collection detail pages, conveniently switch between URL and analytics details by clicking the respective buttons situated next to the page title.

The collection detail pages are designed to provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience, enabling you to monitor and adjust your collection's performance with precision and ease.

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