Search Functionality Guide

The Blinks.to application is equipped with a powerful, in-depth search function designed to help you swiftly locate any of your shortened URLs.

The search functionality is a staple across the platform, accessible via the search icon prominently displayed on the top bar of every page. To execute a search:

  1. Click on the search icon to the right of the top menu bar

  2. In the search pop up window, enter your search terms and click on search button

  3. You'll be taken to the search results page, which showcases relevant URLs in the familiar URL component format.

How Search Works:

When you input a term, the search engine looks for a full or partial match across several fields associated with your shortened URLs.

Video 1 - Search by alias, title, keywords and more

Search Criteria:

You can refine your search using various parameters:

  1. Shortened Link: Search directly for the shortened alias (e.g., "wikipedia"), with or without the full domain (e.g., "https://blinks.to/wikipedia" or "blinks.to/wikipedia").

  2. Title: Input either the complete title or a significant portion of it.

  3. Original Link: Use the full or partial original URL that you shortened.

  4. Campaign Name: Search for URLs associated with a specific campaign by entering the campaign's name.

Managing Search Results:

To assist with navigating through numerous results:

  • Pagination: If your search yields more than 15 matches, pagination will be available to view additional results in a structured manner.

  • Sorting and Filtering: Organize your search outcomes by the number of clicks or by date. You can also filter results based on campaign association, favorites, and other categories, similar to the options on the 'Links' page.

The search feature is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that you can find the exact URL you need with minimal effort. Whether you're managing a vast number of links or need to quickly access a specific one, the search functionality is there to streamline your workflow.

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